Accessibility Around the Web: Elections, Vaccines and Podcasts

Voting locations website in Detroit, Rite-Aid to make vaccine registration accessible, and a new type of podcast for deaf "listeners"

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When Are ADA Website Compliance Audits Absolutely the Right Move?

Accessibility audits are the wrong solution for most organizations. But every rule has exceptions and there are some specific scenarios where we believe audits are necessary.

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Web Compliance in the News: Opening Edition

Our first digest of accessibility-related news, analysis, and other content from around the web.

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Why You Don't Need an ADA Website Compliance Audit

Web accessibility audits have become the industry standard, but should they be? There are better options for your company to achieve greater accessibility more quickly.

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Why Should You Care About Web Accessibility?

When I tell people about Access Armada, they often ask me to explain what web accessibility is. But once they have a better understanding of what it means for a site to be accessible, it’s usually pretty clear to them why this is a worthy goal. But there are quite a few compelling reasons why you should want to make your website accessible.

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