All I Want for GAAD

Awareness is important but on this Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we are wishing for bigger changes to reduce friction, reduce costs, and create better markets and incentives for accessibility.

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New Accessibility Rules for Local & State Governments: What You Need to Know

Learn about the new minimum technical web accessibility standards and how to get into compliance with new DOJ regulations for ADA Title II.

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Update Your Testing Plan Based on the Latest WebAIM Survey

WebAIM's latest screen reader user survey provides new data to inform how you prioritize screen readers for testing, understand audiences, and target your remediation efforts.

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Building Accessibility Checklists That Are Actually Useful

You can Google around and find all sorts of accessibility checklists out there. But do these checklists track the right things?

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Do Your Forms Hate Money? (Accessibility Version)

We assume that if [insert big company here] is doing it, it must reflect best practices. This isn't always true and reveals a lot of low hanging ROI for accessibility if you're willing to grab for it.

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