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Accessibility Remediation Plans

We recognize that accessibility doesn’t happen all at once. Our team can help find and fix accessibility issues at your pace without the larger upfront costs of an audit or full rebuild.

Make an immediate accessibility impact

Accessibility remediation support can help your team:

  • Start improving your accessibility immediately in the first month
  • Identify quick accessibility wins that can also improve site conversion performance and SEO
  • Prioritize accessibility barriers by user impact
  • Create systems to incorporate accessibility into your ongoing site maintenance
  • Reduce your ADA compliance risk

Why prioritize accessibility remediation?

Many organizations don’t have the time or budget to do a full audit or redesign right now. Others need hands-on support in fixing accessibility barriers found in testing. Remediation care plans offer the flexibility to prioritize and implement fixes as you go.

  • Making your organization’s site inclusive is the right thing to do!
  • Optimize your engagement, conversions and sales on existing traffic by better serving the 20% of Americans with disabilities.
  • Reduce your risk of lawsuits under the ADA
  • Improve the site user experience (and technical SEO) for your entire audience!
  • Accelerate your impact while spreading your costs over time

How do accessibility remediation plans work?

Our team begins with rapid targeted manual and automated testing to identify high-level issues and set priorities with your team. We usually focus our initial remediation efforts on global sitewide components, high traffic pages, and user flows like:

  • Header and footer
  • Navigation and menus
  • Forms
  • Homepage
  • E-commerce checkout

All plans include monthly strategy calls to review progress and set new priorities. As we find and fix accessibility barriers, you can transition to lighter touch care plans with a greater focus on training, consulting, and maintaining your hard-won accessibility.

What does it cost?

That’s up to you! Remediation plans start at $999 per month and can be right-sized for your budget and timeline.

Many businesses can also take advantage of the Disabled Access Credit to receive up to 50% of their accessibility investment back in federal tax credits.

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Other Accessibility Services

We can put together a cost-effective package to save you time, effort and money as you incorporate accessibility into other parts of your organization.

Web Accessibility Audits

Our team of accessibility experts can build your organization a comprehensive and efficient roadmap for finding and fixing accessibility barriers on your website.

Design & UX Reviews

The best time to address accessibility is before you build. Review your designs to catch any problems early.

Accessibility Training & Coaching

Self-sufficiency in accessibility is a worthy goal and we can help you get there. We work with designers, developers, and marketing content teams to build accessibility directly into your workstreams.

24/7 Monitoring

You put in all this hard work to make your site accessible. Let us help you make sure it stays that way.

Mobile App Accessibility

Mobile apps are subject to all of the same accessibility requirements as websites. We can audit Android and iOS apps so that your developers can bring it into ADA compliance.

Email Accessibility

Emails are also subject to ADA accessibility requirements. We can help remediate your templates and help you spot potential issues when drafting new emails.