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3 Quick Facts About Access Armada

  • Mission-Driven

    This isn’t just a business. Making the web more accessible for everyone is the right thing to do and we think it should be easier and more affordable.

  • Pragmatic

    What works best for one site or business isn’t the only way. And we recognize that perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of better when it comes to accessibility.

  • Efficient

    We know that budgets aren’t unlimited and we take seriously how to stretch your dollars the furthest.

Our Approach

Start with the highest impact fixes that immediately reduce your legal risk.

More accessible is better than less.

Make sustainable change.

Our Origin Story

We got our start in digital agencies; for more than a decade, we have helped small businesses, nonprofits, startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between to design and build awesome and effective web presences. One day about 7 years ago, we got a call from a longtime client who ran marketing for a midsize furniture chain. She told us that a local law firm had been sending demand letters threatening to sue some of her competitors and she wanted our help to get ahead of it.

We suspect that ADA lawsuits are the way that most people (both agencies and clients) first learn about web accessibility. And our reaction was probably pretty typical.

Our client put her trust in us to ensure that her website was compliant and we did not feel prepared for that responsibility. Our designers and developers had never considered accessibility in building new sites and we weren’t quite sure where or how to start. And we were scared that we wouldn’t be able to do enough to help our client and that we might bear some liability in that situation.

We made it through and learned a lot along the way about how to audit and remediate for accessibility (not to mention how to build things the right way the first time). As the number of federal ADA lawsuits has soared over the past 5 years, more and more companies began reaching out for help auditing their sites.

Our goal is to help build a more accessible web, one site at a time.

We quickly learned a lot about the existing accessibility market. Most other firms performing accessibility services were completely specialized and their testing approach seemed targeted to Fortune 500 companies willing to invest up to 6 figures.

But where does that leave companies who care about providing an equitable experience for all of their users but need to find help within their already crowded digital budgets?

This is a big underserved sector of the web!

The conversations we’ve had with these organizations has motivated us to develop more cost effective and higher impact interventions that can help businesses and organizations of all sizes make measurable progress towards ADA compliance for websites. Our goal is to help build a more accessible web, one site at a time.

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