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Access Armada helps businesses, government, nonprofit organizations, and digital agencies achieve ADA compliance for websites, mobile apps, and everything digital. We offer comprehensive accessibility services so that you can provide an equitable accessible experience to everyone.

Why Access Armada?

  • Full Stack Accessibility

    We don't just do audits. Access Armada brings over 15 years of experience and expertise in design and development. We provide clear guidance to support your team's incorporation of accessibility (or fix it ourselves).

  • Problem Solvers

    What works best for one site or business isn’t the only way. We build a custom approach that is tailored to your organization and tech stack to support your accessibility journey.

  • Efficient and Scalable

    We know that budgets aren’t unlimited. We provide a plan tailored to your requirements that prioritizes a high accessibility return on investment.

Our Approach

Start with the highest impact fixes to immediately make things better and reduce your legal risk.

More accessible is better than less. Keep making progress!

Make sustainable change. Support your team in keeping you accessible!

How we can help

Access Armada offers comprehensive digital accessibility solutions whether you are just beginning your accessibility journey or need help getting to the next level.

Web Accessibility Audits & Testing Services

Our team of accessibility experts can build your organization a comprehensive and efficient roadmap for finding and fixing accessibility barriers on your website or mobile app.

Accessibility Support for New Builds

The best time to address accessibility is before you build. We can help get off to the right start with support, coaching and testing for UX, design, and dev teams.

Remediation, Training, and Coaching

We make an immediate impact by testing and fixing as we go. And to make sure you stay accessible, we work with designers, developers, and marketing content teams to bake accessibility into your workstreams.

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Why We Do Accessibility

We got our start in digital agencies; for nearly 15 years, we have helped governments, regulated industries, startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between to design and build awesome and effective web presences. One day, years ago, we got a call from a longtime client who ran marketing for a midsize furniture chain. She told us that a local law firm had been sending demand letters threatening to sue some of her competitors and she wanted our help to get ahead of it.

We suspect our story is not unique. ADA lawsuits are the way that most people (both agencies and clients) first learn about web accessibility. And our reaction was probably pretty typical.

Our client put her trust in us to ensure that her website was compliant and we did not feel prepared for that responsibility. Our designers and developers had never considered accessibility in building new sites and we weren’t quite sure where or how to start. And we were scared that we wouldn’t be able to do enough to help our client and that we might bear some liability in that situation.

We made it through and learned a lot along the way about how to audit and remediate for accessibility (not to mention how to build things the right way the first time). As the number of federal ADA lawsuits has soared, more and more companies began reaching out for help auditing their sites.

Our goal is to help build a more accessible web, one site at a time.

Now we are full-time accessibility problems solvers! We combine our deep experience as digital professionals with core understanding of accessibility requirements and regulations.

And we don't only find problems; we can fix them too!

Access Armada offers cost effective and high impact interventions that can help businesses and organizations of all sizes make measurable progress towards WCAG and ADA conformance for websites. But our objective is to help clients move beyond the compliance and auditing baseline to build highly usable, SEO and conversion-optimized digital experiences by embedding accessibility into the design and development lifecycle.

Let us help you build a more accessible web, one site at a time.

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Automated scans are nice but full accessibility requires a human touch. Let us help you get the process started with no further obligations.

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