Web Compliance in the News: Opening Edition

November 3, 2021

From time to time, I like to share news, analysis and resources from around the web on the topics of accessibility and ADA website compliance. Linking an article here does not constitute an endorsement of the views contained within.

Web Accessibility Lawsuits

⚖️ The ADA lawsuit settlement involving an accessibility overlay (UX Collective): A company called "Eyebobs" was sued for ADA violations even while using the Accessibe "automated accessibility" overlay. They recently settled out of court and if you check out their website you'll see that Accessibe is gone. This is important evidence that "automated accessibility" vendors cannot keep you out of court. You'll definitely be hearing more from us about this.

Accessibility in Business

🛒 Reframing Digital Accessibility As An All-Out Business Win, Not A Compliance Burden (Forbes): Framing accessibility as "compliance" leads companies to view it as a burden when it actually represents a business opportunity. Companies with accessible digital products make more money.

🍿 AMC bringing captions to big screens across the country (Washington Post): Closed captions have been available at movie theaters for years by request, but open captions (which are visible on screen for everyone) can improve the movie-watching experience for everyone while also increasing accessibility.

⏭️ Advertising’s Next Inclusion Revolution: Elevating Disability (Adweek): Consider the disabled consumer journey beyond website accessibility overlays.

Fun and Educational

🎮 Accessibility Maze: A fun little game that dramatizes common accessibility barriers as an introduction to accessibility concepts.

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