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Access Armada helps small to midsize businesses work towards ADA compliance for websites without breaking the bank

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Our Accessibility Solutions

The costs of the traditional audit and remediation process is out of reach for small to midsize businesses; we’ll never have an accessible web if most businesses can’t afford to bring their sites into compliance.

Free Strategy Sessions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We can help you find the highest impact accessibility strategy for your unique situation and budget.

Affordable Accessibility

Whether you need us to code your updates for you or just need help figuring out what your development team needs to do, we want to make accessibility quick and simple.

Staying Accessible Long Term

Access Armada provides ongoing 24/7 monitoring and consulting to help you maintain your accessible status or to work through larger accessibility projects over an extended period.

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About Us

Access Armada is a new type of digital accessibility agency. We are veteran web professionals with experience working with businesses of all sizes. We’ve tried doing accessibility the traditional way with thorough audits followed by remediation. But we have realized that accessibility is too important to leave it to high-priced vendors that are out of reach for the typical business. We want to make the web a more accessible place for everyone and we know that we can help that happen faster!

Our Story
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We know that the businesses that make up the vast majority of the web need better options and we want to provide them.

Our Accessibility Manifesto

The accessibility industry is broken. The ADA mandates that all business websites be fully accessible, but most accessibility vendors cater to large corporations with budgets to match. Automated accessibility services promise easy compliance for just $50/month, but unfortunately they just don’t deliver as promised.

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Our free strategy session can help you figure out the best first steps to making your website accessible.

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