The Comprehensive Guide to Accessible WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Wordpress form builder plugins make managing your site easier, but can also introduce accessibility issues. Find out which ones are the most accessible.

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Web Accessibility Roundup: Awards, Cannabis, New Emergency Rules

Accessibility recognition schemes in Hong Kong, new emergency alert rules, and Twitter's latest accessibility feature.

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How Third Party Services and Products Affect Your Site’s Accessibility

Site owners are often disappointed to learn that they are ultimately responsible for accessibility violations on third party services and products embedded on their site. Learn more about how to determine just how accessible these services are.

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Digital accessibility in the air: it’s not just websites

In-flight entertainment is a great case study for how digital accessibility can improve the user experience for everyone. Plus an important lesson on taking care of the easy stuff first.

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How to Save 50% on Digital Accessibility Using the Disabled Access Credit

The federal government doesn't only mandate web accessibility under the ADA. It also offers up to $5,000 in tax credits for small business spending on accessibility.

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