Web Accessibility Services

Our Web Accessibility Services

Access Armada helps small to midsize businesses, nonprofit organizations, and digital agencies achieve ADA compliance for websites, mobile apps, and everything digital. We offer comprehensive accessibility services so that you can check one concern off your list and focus on what you do best.


We understand that every organization is different and want to figure out the best solutions for you. Our first session is always free!

Affordable Accessibility

We can develop a plan matched to your budget to find and fix accessibility issues on your site for the highest impact and most bang for your buck.

Targeted Audits

Audits are great but they can be pricey. We can help pick the best place to focus your efforts to find the most insight.

Comprehensive Audits

Sometimes you need the highest assurance that you’ve found everything. We offer highly competitive pricing and our commitment to finding value for you.

Design & UX Reviews

The best time to address accessibility is before you build. Review your designs to catch any problems early.

24/7 Monitoring

You put in all this hard work to make your site accessible. Let us help you make sure it stays that way. Starting at $49/month.


Self-sufficiency in accessibility is a worthy goal and we can help you get there.

Email Accessibility

Emails are also subject to ADA accessibility requirements. We can help remediate your templates and help you spot potential issues when drafting new emails.

PDF Accessibility

PDFs have their own accessibility requirements and we offer remediation services so that they remain compliant and training options so that you can take care of this on your own.

Bulk Image Alt Text

For larger sites, finding and updating alt text for all images can be a big undertaking. We can help make things more manageable.

Video Closed Captions

Video subtitles are often neglected but are super critical. We can save you the trouble for your Youtube channel, embedded videos on the web, or even gated content like webinars.

Audio Descriptions

Did you know that you need to add audio descriptions to your videos so that blind users can understand what others are seeing?


Audio-only content (such as podcasts) need to be accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. We also think it gives you a great SEO boost!

Mobile App Accessibility

Mobile apps are subject to all of the same accessibility requirements as websites. We can audit Android and iOS apps so that your developers can bring it into ADA compliance.

Alternate Accessible Pages

Sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch and build a version of your page targeted for screen reader users. We can help you avoid the major pitfalls.

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