Content Accessibility Training & Coaching

Even if you’ve got your site’s technical accessibility under control, your team needs to keep things that way. Let us help your team become self-sufficient in accessibility!

Content accessibility is critical to usability and inclusion

Content accessibility training can help your team understand:

  • What it means to make content accessible
  • The importance of accessibility to your organization
  • How they can take ownership over content accessibility

Why prioritize web accessibility?

“I have more budget than I know what to spend on,” said no one ever.

But if you haven’t incorporated web accessibility when your site is first built, there are some important reasons why you should prioritize it now:

  • Making your organization’s site inclusive is the right thing to do!
  • Optimize your engagement, conversions and sales on existing traffic by better serving the 20% of Americans with disabilities.
  • Reduce your risk of lawsuits under the ADA
  • Improve the site user experience (and technical SEO) for your entire audience!

All training includes:

  • Personalized documentation and curriculum tailored to your organization's tools, platforms, and needs.
  • Authoring-tool specific documentation including Do's, Don't,s and areas for caution
  • Live training session with our accessibility experts
  • Q&A sessions to address your questions
  • Regular reviews of all published content in the months following training
  • Weekly office hours

Sample curriculum

  • What is web/digital accessibility?
  • Why is digital accessibility important?
  • Intro to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Content Accessibility Considerations (e.g.):
    • Image alternative text descriptions and how to write them
    • Use of GIFs and animations
    • Charts and graphs
    • Page titles and headings
    • Link labeling
    • Use of color
    • Producing accessible videos and podcasts
    • Accessible forms
  • Tools and resources for testing content accessibility

What does it cost?

That depends on factors like the number of pages that need to be tested, what type of functionality, and how much cross-testing you need. We offer options suitable for organizations of all types from nonprofits to small businesses to Fortune 500.

Many businesses can also take advantage of the Disabled Access Credit to receive up to 50% of their accessibility investment back in federal tax credits.

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Other Accessibility Services

We can put together a cost-effective package to save you time, effort and money as you incorporate accessibility into other parts of your organization.

Web Accessibility Audits

Our team of accessibility experts can build your organization a comprehensive and efficient roadmap for finding and fixing accessibility barriers on your website.
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Design & UX Reviews

The best time to address accessibility is before you build. We can review designs to catch problems early and work with your development team to make sure they get built accessible.
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Remediation & Care Plans

We recognize accessibility doesn’t happen all at once. Our team can help find and fix accessibility issues at your pace without the larger upfront costs of an audit or full rebuild.
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Mobile App Accessibility

Mobile apps are subject to all of the same accessibility requirements as websites. We audit Android and iOS apps so your developers can bring them into ADA compliance.
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PDF and Document Remediation

We test and tag PDFs and other documents to PDF/UA standards to ensure that they are fully accessible and in compliance with ADA and Section 508.
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