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How to Think About Accessibility During a "Tech Recession"?

Twitter fired their entire accessibility team this month. But that doesn't mean you can afford to pause on accessibility during a tech recession.

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How Local Government Websites Can Be More Accessible for Users with Disabilities

Take a look at your town’s website. I was checking out my local township website to get some election related information last week. And it’s kind of awful. For everyone. But especially for users with disabilities.

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Is a VPAT voluntary for your product?

If you are working in the digital space, you may have heard references to a VPAT and wondered whether you need one. The answer to that question depends on what kind of digital experience you are producing as well as who your intended customers are.

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Accessibility for Agencies: What are Your Responsibilities?

How are agencies doing on accessibility? The short answer is not great. For digital agency owners, executives, and practitioners, there has been increased attention on digital accessibility (sometimes shortened to a11y) over the past few years. But out in the wild, it’s hard to see the impact.

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Does the ADA require 100% web accessibility?

Maybe. Part of the problem in answering this questions is that the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t mention (let alone define) web accessibility.

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