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Your PDF Could Have Been a Webpage

PDFs are commonly used for sharing information and documents, but they have limitations and drawbacks that make them less than ideal for use on the web, especially when compared to good old HTML.

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Profiles in Accessibility: Temporary and Situational Disability

Disabilities are more than health conditions. Under specific circumstances, all of us will experience mismatches between use cases and our abilities.

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Help! How Do I Get Started on Accessibility?

So you’ve just learned about accessibility. Now what? The good news is that it’s never too late and there are steps you can take to make an immediate impact. But what should you do first?

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What You Need to Know to Get Ready for WCAG 2.2

WCAG version 2.2 is coming later this year. What does your organization need to do to prepare?

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A Guide to the 7 Digital Accessibility Myths

When you work in digital accessibility, you hear a lot of things from customers, designers, developers, and agencies that just aren’t correct. Most are genuine misconceptions, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless. At best, organizations can end up overspending on accessibility. But they also let organizations psych themselves out of pursuing greater accessibility out of fear that it will be too expensive or too difficult. And at worst, orgs might think they are accessibility conformant but are actually increasing their legal risk while missing out on the business benefits of digital accessibility.

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