Building Accessible Login Experiences

Logins are critical to the digital world. We need them to keep the bad guys out of our stuff. This includes everything from our email, bank, social media, and e-commerce accounts. And that necessarily creates barriers, which can sometimes present accessibility issues. UX, engineering, and security professionals designing login systems have the difficult task of balancing ease of use with safeguards to keep bad actors out. Following accessibility principles and best practices, including new success criteria for accessible authentication in the brand new WCAG 2.2 release, can ensure that login systems don’t lock out people with disabilities.

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WCAG 2.2 is Here: New Accessibility Guidelines

This past week, the W3C finally published a new version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as its official recommendation. This new version, WCAG 2.2, has been a long time coming.

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Caring: The Critical First Step to Accessibility

The WebAim Million Report shows that over one third of images on popular homepages don't have usable alt text. It seems that most organizations just don't care enough.

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What Happens When Developers Are Liable for Accessibility?

California's new accessibility bill AB1757 may shift liability for inaccessible sites to developers, agencies and other providers. Is this cause for fear? Or a great opportunity for agencies that can do the work?

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Combat Accessibility Decay: How to Maintain Ongoing Accessibility

Accessibility is similar to security, SEO, and other such areas that require some routine maintenance and vigilance. In other words, your level of accessibility can decay without some discipline to maintain it at the required level.

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