Digital Accessibility for Nonprofits

Our Value Proposition

While you make the world a better place, make sure your website reflects your values. Access Armada can help you do good by ensuring your website and digital channels can reach everyone. And we know that for nonprofits especially, every dollar counts.

First (Home)Page Free

For all 501c3 or equivalent nonprofit organizations, Access Armada will comp the homepage (or equivalent) as part of any eligible engagement. Here’s the terms:

  • Just 3 Pages

    Any web or mobile engagement of 3 or more pages, templates, or screen is eligible.

  • First Page Free

    We suggest starting with the homepage, but we’ll comp any page you choose including donation pages. That’s a discount of up to 33%.

  • One Year Monitoring

    We monitor 24/7 to ensure that your covered pages remain accessible.

Our Accessibility Services

Whether you’d like us to take a look at your existing site, help you make fixes, or review designs for a new site to make sure you build it right the first time, we can help!

Web Accessibility Audits & Testing

Our team of accessibility experts can build your organization a comprehensive and efficient roadmap for finding and fixing accessibility barriers on your website.

Remediation & Care Plans

We recognize that accessibility doesn’t happen all at once. Our team can help find and fix accessibility issues at your pace without the larger upfront costs of an audit or full rebuild.

Design & UX Reviews

The best time to address accessibility is before you build. We can review your designs to catch any problems early and work with your development team to make sure they get built accessible.

Mobile App Accessibility

Mobile apps are subject to all of the same accessibility requirements as websites. We can audit Android and iOS apps so that your developers can bring it into ADA compliance.

Accessibility Training & Coaching

Self-sufficiency in accessibility is a worthy goal and we can help you get there. We work with designers, developers, and marketing content teams to build accessibility into your workstreams.

24/7 Monitoring Plans

You put in all this hard work to make your site accessible. Let us help you make sure it stays that way.
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Refer your favorite nonprofits

We all have causes that we support and care about. Access Armada is proud to extend the First Page Free deal to any business or agency that refers an eligible nonprofit to the program. Double your impact!

Why accessibility is important for nonprofits

Most businesses cite budgetary concerns as the major barrier to digital accessibility (if they are even aware of the concept). And for most nonprofits, digital budgets are even tighter. But there are a lot of reasons why accessibility should be on the radar for nonprofit organizations:

  • Social responsibility is the engine powering nonprofits and making sure that people of all abilities can access your website is the right thing to do!
  • Nonprofit organizations websites are covered under the ADA as places of public accommodation
  • Under Section 508, nonprofits receiving federal funding or grants must maintain accessible websites.
  • Reach a wider audience with an enhanced, more usable digital experience
  • Reducing barriers on your site can translate to greater engagement and donor conversions

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