Web Accessibility Roundup: Awards, Cannabis, New Emergency Rules

December 22, 2021

From time to time, I like to share news, analysis and resources from around the web on the topics of accessibility and ADA website compliance. Linking an article here does not constitute an endorsement of the views contained within.

🏆 Accessibility is driven so much by compliance in the US and it's great to see how things can be different. The Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation is offering both complimentary assessments and services as well as recognition for sites that meet the criteria. (Source: Yahoo Finance)

💻 This article argues (correctly) that the best way to make things accessible is to build it that way from the start. But it's important not to hear that and think you should delay accessibility until the next rebuild. Every little bit helps and it's better to become more accessible even if you don't get all the way immediately. (Source: Marketplace)

🍃 Earlier this year, Jay-Z's cannabis company was sued for accessibility violations. This month, plaintiffs filed suit against two more cannabis firms. (Source: Above the Law)

🚨 FCC proposes new rules to make emergency alerts more accessible for people hard of hearing (Source: The Verge)

🔍 How SEO improvements can help improve website accessibility. And vice versa. (Source: Search Engine Land)

📽️ Tweeting videos just got a lot more accessible by default. Twitter is now rolling out automatic captions for new videos uploaded to the site in most languages. If you can, it's always better to provide your own captions than rely on automation which can be less accurate. (Source: The Verge)

🎮 Sony launches new website to highlight accessibility features for PS4 and PS5 games (Source: VG247)

🌏 In Bangladesh, web accessibility gets government support

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