Technical Accessibility

Building Accessibility Checklists That Are Actually Useful

You can Google around and find all sorts of accessibility checklists out there. But do these checklists track the right things?

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Building Accessible Login Experiences

Logins are critical to the digital world. We need them to keep the bad guys out of our stuff. This includes everything from our email, bank, social media, and e-commerce accounts. And that necessarily creates barriers, which can sometimes present accessibility issues. UX, engineering, and security professionals designing login systems have the difficult task of balancing ease of use with safeguards to keep bad actors out. Following accessibility principles and best practices, including new success criteria for accessible authentication in the brand new WCAG 2.2 release, can ensure that login systems don’t lock out people with disabilities.

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Technical vs. Content Accessibility

If you are new to the topic of web accessibility, there is a lot to absorb about what it means to make your website accessible. Some common accessibility issues are inherent to the way your site was coded while others have more to do with the content that you populate into your site.

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