What the Impossible Burger Demonstrates About Accessibility

Have you ever had an Impossible Burger? They were served at this year's July 4 cookout and it got me thinking. The Impossible Burger is a great example of how offering attractive alternatives can be a lot more effective at getting people to make good choices.

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Technical vs. Content Accessibility

If you are new to the topic of web accessibility, there is a lot to absorb about what it means to make your website accessible. Some common accessibility issues are inherent to the way your site was coded while others have more to do with the content that you populate into your site.

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You've Received an ADA Demand Letter. Now What?

Ideally, you can address accessibility gaps on your website or mobile app before you run into legal trouble. But if you have received a demand letter from a potential plaintiff, what should you do?

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The Bare Minimum for Web Accessibility

Everyone has to start somewhere. We are often asked where organizations should focus their initial efforts. This post is our attempt to sketch out a bare minimum; this isn’t enough but it should go a long way in improving your site’s user experience for all users while also reducing your risks of being sued under the ADA.

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DOJ's New Guidance on Web Accessibility and What It Means For Your Business

New federal guidance is a huge milestone for digital accessibility and an improvement over the previous uncertain status quo. That said, we were disappointed that the contents of the guidance document falls short of what we would have hoped for.

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